Available courses

The current online course is proposed to anyone, and it's for free. It aims at helping the trainee to:

  • Analyze the position of its organization (private training centre, NGO, association delivering training) regarding CSR topics
  • Identify best practices in the field of Human Rights, chances equality, Men and Women Right Equality, Children Rights, support for disadvantaged people
  • Identify best practices regarding ethics and loyalty, follow-up of applicable regulations
  • Identify best practices relevant to its organization regarding environmental issues
  • Evaluate the social utility and CSR performance of its organization
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of training and services proposed by its organization by using tools for life cycle analysis and circular economy
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the training centre's activity concerning stakeholders' needs and expectations (especially the learners')
  • Understand the evolution of professional training in life (history and stakes) and operational implementation across Europe
  • Set up and consolidate Responsible Management in training centres (for all kinds of type and size).
  • Lead to obtaining a label for quality or environment or certification or evaluation of its responsible practices in training